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P 4-7 from Avonbridge and P6/7 from Drumbowie experienced a very enjoyable outdoor learning day at Muiravonside Country Park.

The Bushcraft activity saw us using flint to create sparks and discussing the best way to light a fire outside.  Most of us managed to create enough sparks to ignite our cotton wool!!  Then our leader showed us how to lay the sticks correctly to make a fire and made us hot chocolate.  It was very nice and warmed us up nicely.

We went on a park walk which ended up with a short visit to the farm.  Each group went a different way up to the farm and we all saw different natural things on our way.

I think it is safe to say that the highlight of the day was the stream walk, where the children were all kitted out in waterproof clothing and they walked upstream, deciding on the shallowest, safest way to proceed.

The smiles were there for all to see, even if some did get wetter than others.